Technology it’s constantly changing and with this, the devices we use, they are faster and come in a variety of sizes. Software development and Web design has had to change with it, so now we must design with the word “adapt” in mind, adapt accordingly to the device that’s been accessed from.


“Responsive” points out that every design should respond to the users behavior and its environment based on the screen sizes, platform been used and its orientation (vertical/horizontal). This allows every user to find and be able to browse through a website efficiently.

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If your website it’s not responsive yet; How can it affect you?

  1. First the quantity of mobile users has rise significally in the past few years and according to a comScore study, these is how it looks in numbers:Single-Platform-Users-Share-of-Total-Digital-Population_reference
  2. By having a responsive website you are giving the best experience to your client or user, no matter the device they use. Even though most users access through a mobile, any final desicion or purchase is regurlarly made in a desktop, meaning you just have to be prepared for the device the user wants to use.
  3. Is all about providing customers the right information, in the right way. So it’s visually easy to take the customer where you want him to go.
  4. A good website, appeals to users, therefore, your chances to sell or raise your amount of traffic are higher.
  5. PLUS, it’ll looks like you care, it feels safer and it’s up to date, so you’ll be more likely to earn your users/clients trust.
  6. Lastly, search engines are now using this quality has a mean of evaluation to determine if you’re website should be on the top of the lists when people search for it.

Like Google itself said:

“We will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

Don’t forget to always consult with a professional and take the changes in your website very seriously. Still have doubts? Try to access our site through different devices, try a desktop, a tablet and a cellphone, you’ll be able to see the differences and contact us, so we can help you offer the best user experience possible.


Do You Need a Responsive Website? Yes.  But do you need it today? Yes, as soon as possible; I believe, you’re online presence and image should ALWAYS be a priority

Lizmari Latorre

Graphic and Web Designer + Marketing

Liz works with passionate business owners, organizations, and entrepreneurs who want to grow their online businesses. Whether you are looking for online branding and strategy, want to build an online store, well and beautiful web design or you just know it’s time to level up, she’s there to help.

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